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The Winds of Change

Spring is a great time to begin something anew. I love to take lessons from the trees and foliage who are so in tune with the changing seasons. We, humans, have a much harder time with change than does nature who just goes with the seasonal flow of the earth's journey around the sun. I watch the trees stand firm and tall and solid as they work together as a network to watch each other and to gain information as to what is going on around them. They let each other know when there is danger and they feel the sun and wind and earth and precipitation all around them. Their sap begins to flow and nutrients move through them as the sun's rays permeate their existence. They open and bud and flower in complete synchrony with the elements around them. As the temperature falls, their movements slow down and as the temperatures rise, they increase. The drama is in us, not them.

One of the reasons I love astrology is that the study of the movements of the planets and moons and asteroids ar…

First Installment of 'In the Meantime'


March 4th

I read something recently that we lose about 7% of our body daily, and take in about 7% new daily. In theory that gives us an opportunity to consciously release some of what we want and even need to let go of daily. The corollary to that is we have an opportunity to bring in some new daily….if we do that consciously we can bring in new thoughts, new structures, and new possibilities.
We can march forth with newness on a daily basis, allowing us to continuously create something new for us. In fact what we more often do is to continuously recreate the same on a daily basis. Yet, the potential is there built into our physical, emotional and spiritual existence the ability to make new; ideas, health, opportunities, relationships, and thoughts.
I am having fun imagining what it would look like if we did constantly create new. Old thoughts and beliefs that have held us back released into the air. Old cells no longer functioning optimally sloughed off making room for healthy new cells fueled b…