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In the Meantime: Trusting the Process

It is often said that we have to hear something at least twice for us to remember it. There is a lot of truth to that. It goes into our short term memory, and if we don't repeat it or use it, we also lose it because the new information didn't have enough time to be integrated into our long term memory. There is another factor I find to be true. If we aren't fully engaged or interested in what we are learning the new material also doesn't stay with us. Sometimes even if we are genuinely interested, it is just too much for us to absorb. I find that dynamic often happens when we engage in deep personal work or a therapeutic environment. There is only so much we can take in at a time. I frequently get feedback after a session where much inner territory was covered that they can't remember much of what we talked about. I sense that, often, in those periods, we enter an  IN THE MEANTIME zone. This is a zone where we consciously remember a little of the session, and ou