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The Winter of Life

“The pine stays green in winter……..wisdom in hardship.”                                                                                          -Norman Douglas
Seasons embody the flow and unfolding of life. Spring is about birth and our young years. Summer is about youth. Fall is about our adulthood, and winter is about our senior years, and the years in the Grove of Elders.

I have had a marvelous opportunity to spend a lot of time with my father in his grove of elders and also in his last years as his powers are fading. This is a very rich time; filled with times of great sweetness, great sadness, great loss, and great times where I can support him.

I have had the honor and the pain of helping my father, as much as he can let anyone help him, in this last stage of his life. He is an example of someone who never was able to let either of his parents in. One of the results is that he is not able to let others help him and he is not able to see who is trustworthy or not. He tends to tru…

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