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The Winter of Life

“The pine stays green in winter……..wisdom in hardship.”                                                                                          -Norman Douglas Seasons embody the flow and unfolding of life. Spring is about birth and our young years. Summer is about youth. Fall is about our adulthood, and winter is about our senior years, and the years in the Grove of Elders. I have had a marvelous opportunity to spend a lot of time with my father in his grove of elders and also in his last years as his powers are fading. This is a very rich time; filled with times of great sweetness, great sadness, great loss, and great times where I can support him. I have had the honor and the pain of helping my father, as much as he can let anyone help him, in this last stage of his life. He is an example of someone who never was able to let either of his parents in. One of the results is that he is not able to let others help him and he is not able to see who is trustworthy or not. He

Is There A Choice?

"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart." -Victor Hugo  When we are young, we think we are immortal and invincible. Youth is, what can I say, youth. There is energy and innocence. As we slowly age, we become aware that life is challenging, that not all our dreams come true, and we slide or trudge or step or skip our way through life. By the time we come to the winter of our lives, many of us have been beaten down by life, and some of us thrive and become older and wiser. There are not many people I know in their eighties who embody fullness and growth and whose minds are vibrant even though their bodies are failing in different ways and to different extents. Those that continue to grow and share and see life in its fullness are inspirations to us all. Some people think that choice is not a part of their fate. I tend to believe and know through my life and experiences that there is always a choice. How we deal with life is a choice.

The Art of Letting Go

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”                                                                               - Robert Frost In winter the leaves have left the trees for the season and our plants and trees as well as many animals go into a dormant period. Everything slows down and pulls inward gathering resources and strength for the re-birth to come. If we could learn from the seasons we would learn a lot. As with the seasons, it is true of us as human beings; there is greater beauty to be found in us as we mature and grow wiser with the years. We have acquired wisdom and understanding that can only come from age. We become beautiful in a very different way; much as wine becomes more fragrant and rich and mellow. Society doesn’t always value this inner beauty. The value comes with us. As we value ourselves we can more easily let go. This inner sense gives us a greater sense of wholeness, inner vitality and spiritual/mental/physical

Experience Body Presencing™ in 2014

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was within me  an Invincible Summer” - Albert Camus Happy New Year!   I am excited to launch a new year and to introduce a new theme for my blog.   In 2013 we explored The Twelve Body Presencing Keys: Unlocking the Secrets of Vitality &Health, Wholeness & Joy.   In 2014 I will be sharing ways in which we can all Experience Body Presencing ™.   My weekly blog posts will be filled with inspirational stories, cases and examples of how Body Presencing™ works, as well as how living a vital and healthy life is connected to the seasons. The seasons teach us so much. I am a watcher. I spend time each day looking out my morning window which faces east.   I watch the sunrise and the play of the sun and clouds in the sky. I watch the birds frolicking. I listen to the sounds of nature, and watch the leaves turn colors, fall to the ground, and the re-birth in spring. Life in all its fullness gives