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We Are Family

Families can be our biggest source of joy and our biggest source of pain and our biggest source of learning. We are brought up to believe that families take care of each other. This can mean many things. It can mean take we care about each other when we are sick or we need assistance. It can mean we raise our families as a village. It can mean we take physical care of each other as we age. It can mean we support each other financially. The meanings go on. But how often do we really care for each other in terms of caring for what is best for each other and caring for our souls? I know so many individuals who feel that their biological family is not their family in terms of caring for who they are as people. They may be blood relatives and love each other in some ways, but do they really feel seen and cared for? This begs the question; who are family to us? I work with many patients who don't feel seen, understood or appreciated by members of their family. I was even speaki

Tears Are Coming

' Tears Are Coming ' Thanksgiving Poem: Tears are coming. Tears of joy and sadness Looking outside into the cloudy, bleak terrain Seeing the riot of color still on the trees Amidst the gray, dark, pre-thanksgiving day Wondering what it is like to enter a new land And yet, knowing as we, our world enters a new terrain Unknown, scary, filled with feeling; maybe all the feelings: Sad, mad, glad, hopeful, scared, lonely, full, unsure... Becoming one with my surroundings as our world, the nature around us Shows us how it feels and how to feel Tears of sadness, tears of joy Life goes on

Loving Kindness

It seems easy to have what we call loving kindness. If we asked individuals I bet many would say they do and they practice loving kindness. Can we really know what that is when we can't and don't love ourselves and practice loving kindness on us? It is one thing to give love to our children, and it is important. It is one thing to buy someone a coffee and pay it forward. It is one thing to love your family or friends or group or community or country. In all these instances, there is good and nothing wrong. It does well for us and for our world. Any love is good love. How many of us can say we actively practice loving ourselves? How many of us gift ourselves on a regular basis, even if the gift is by appreciating us? How many of us judge ourselves regularly and find us giving us hateful messages about us and have negative thought lines going through us? I think if we are honest with us, most or all of us do to varying degrees.  The problem is that all of us because we