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In the Meantime: Sowing Seeds

I remember when I was 18 years old and I was looking at schools I wanted to go to, there was only one that spoke to me. I foolishly applied to just that one school. I didn't get in, and I was thrown. I didn't have anyone in my life to guide me towards a more thorough process, and if I explored my feelings back then, I wasn't really ready to go away to school, but I didn't consciously know that at the time. It wasn't until I was away at school and became very depressed that it became clear to me that I just wasn't ready to go away for school, nor did I have a clear idea as to what I wanted to do. It took me going through a meantime process of going to a school, finding I fell into a deep hole and having to go back home for awhile to climb out of the whole,  for me to understand that truth about myself. One of my issues at the time was that I felt shame about my not being ready, so I couldn't see my fear until I took a step I wasn't prepared for.

Too Little or Too Big

One of the things I love about astrology is how much we can learn about ourselves. Our natal or birth charts help us to understand what we came here with, our resources, our inheritance, our health possibilities and strengths and weaknesses, our inherent weaknesses and strengths and the clues as well as to how we can become the person we choose to become. It is an ever-evolving experience just as we are ever evolving. Every planet in our chart represents an aspect of ourselves, and their placement in our chart can show us how we relate to these parts of ourselves, and what we are here to learn and where our schoolroom will most likely take place. Will most of our learning be about the self? Will it be about the other? Will it be mostly involved with what takes place in our home, or in the outer world? Will our learning take place in groups and with groups, or in interacting with the world, or in the world of art and beauty, or through our home environment, and so on. Are we