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There Is So Much We Don't Understand

There are so many things in life and that happen in life that we just don't understand. Things happen, people say things that don't make sense to us, we hear things the way we can and through our unconscious lens, and even synchronicities and intangible things happen that we can't explain. Can you think of such an example that happened in your life this past week or so that fits into this category? I have a friend who calls unexplainable phenomenon by a term, imaginal. I like this term as it embodies what could be interpreted as being imagined, but gives it validity through making it a noun. I guess some folks call a phenomenon like this by the word miracle. However, it is described, trying to understand the un-understandable is an ongoing aspect of our lives. This is also true through helping others to learn about, understand, and put together pieces of their selves. In my work, I often help my patients to heal and to put their pieces of the puzzle together so th

Small, Service, and Surrender

"Service  doesn't start when you have something to give; it blossoms naturally when you have nothing left to take." - Nipun Mehta I read a speech which was recently given to college graduates which spoke to me personally. In the age of selfies and self-promotion, we all seem to want to be big and to be seen by masses and to be the best in our fields about ending the pain, proclaiming the answers to finding  the answer to everything. This, in essence, was what the speech was about. We seem to have lost the belief that being small, doing service, and surrendering to what is best for all, and what many people say is surrendering to the highest good is good enough and even a good and beneficial belief. Being small does not mean demeaning ourselves, or making us less than what and who we are. Being small refers to being who we are, and we are all, each of us, a little piece of the big whole. Any one of us does not have all the answers or the way…..we all h