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Spring Blossoms

Feeling the sunshine on our faces as we gaze out our windows, or sit in our gardens, or eat outside in a café, or walk around our neighborhoods is a glorious feeling. What springs forth in the springtime is often a manifestation of our winter dreams. What dreams did you have that you might experience springing out about now? I work with patients all the time who share with me their hopes and dreams. It is so lovely to see their dreams coming out of them to be expressed in their lives and in the world. We can't express our hopes and dreams if we first don't give us permission to speak them to ourselves. Many of us have been squashed in our lives and haven't felt we had the permission to be who we are much less express our inner thoughts and feelings even to ourselves. There is a gentleman who is engaged in an active process of rebuilding his life based on awareness and possibility instead of blindness and getting by. It is not an easy process in any way. The re

"Listening To The Rain Of Sadness" Poem

Sitting in my den listening to the rain of sadness The never ending rain, my eyes want to give way to tears I feel sadness in my heart as I begin to welcome the waves of rain into my consciousness Waves of sadness, fear, lack of faith entertain me through the sounds of the rain drops. Will this ever end? And the birdsong and hoot of my resident owl whom I have yet to see join me in my quiet reverie taking up residence in my mind The peels of thunder occasionally making an appearance in a new wave of flash fall add to the murky soup of my consciousness Creating a new song slowly taking shape… The song of a rainy, sometimes stormy, day in nature One with the silent beat of the trees holding fort and taking in the sustenance of nature’s water The call of the birds simultaneously taking shelter and calling out today’s news The drum beat of the skies tumult The wind shushing through the foliage All converge in my awareness creating a new dance in my mind From