The Midnight Times

I love to write. Writing helps me to work with my feelings. Some people need to take time for them and withdraw into a place inside which feels safe to sort through their feelings quietly. Others need to or choose to go out and be with others to get past their feelings or to change their feeling tone. Others need to talk out loud to someone or just to talk out loud to hear their own voice describing what they are feeling. There are many types of people and many ways to deal or not deal with our feelings. For me, I feel things deeply, and writing helps me to identify my feelings and to even work through them.
A common feeling we all feel at times is dejection, rejection, feeling not good enough, and even feeling what we want to do may not happen, which can make us feel discouraged. The question is, what do we do with these feelings when they come up, and how do we deal with these feelings?
Most of us have times when we wake up in the middle of the night when our shadow side speaks to us.…

Body Presencing 'In the Meantime': Defining Moments in Life

If someone asked you what was a defining moment of your life, how would you answer? For many of us, we have more than one defining moment in our lives, just as there are many phases in our lives. Our defining moments are based on the stories we carry inside of us; good and bad, and old and new. They are also based on beliefs we carry about us, our lives, our abilities and possibilities, and hopefully, they are changeable or evolving as we change and evolve. That said, defining moments occur almost in an instant. And in that instant, a decision was made by which we reacted to nearly instantaneously. Who said that IN THE MEANTIME moments last a long time. These moments can be instantaneous. In that second upon which we make an important decision which is reflective of how we think of us and others at that moment in time, it lasts both a second and an eternity.

That second not only lasts an eternity, but its effects can also be very long lasting. This is also an example of the elasticity…

Our Health In Our Charts

Astrology is making a resurgence in today’s society. I was recently asked a question regarding what we can learn from astrology by an interviewer. There are many things we can learn through astrology, and what I find fascinating me presently is how we can learn about our health through knowing how to read certain aspects in our birth charts. Nothing is written in concrete from our birth charts. It is merely a blueprint of our lives, how we think, what motivates us, what our weaknesses are emotionally and psychologically as well as physically, how we may experience life in different phases of our lives, what our strengths are, and also what gets in our way and what helps to propel us forward into the realm of what is possible. As a blueprint, it is like a map and a direction; it is not dogma. There is no right or wrong, and so it is not the directive of our lives. The more we learn about us, and move into a higher consciousness of us, the more we have free will. So, it is merely a guid…

In the Meantime: Dedication, Discipline, Desire

When I was in Chiropractic School, I knew I was in the right place doing what I was supposed to do and yet had many moments where I wanted to quit. Just like with any intense schooling or training, the commitment is significant. It takes dedication, discipline, desire, and even self-respect to finish such a program when the experience itself is very challenging and not fun. In fact, during the first three trimesters of school, I was so tempted to quit so many times I couldn't count how many. My ability to complete my education continues to amaze me. I used to say that I had over 22 years of formal training and yet I hated school. That is still true today. I love to learn and do not like formal training. I am a very independent-minded person, and the whole school experience feels very restricted to me. What kept me going was the genuine thought that if I didn't become a chiropractor, then what would I do for a living? I never had a different answer that was good enough than wha…

Poem: NO SOUND by Dr. Gail Cloud

No Sound
Deep in my meditation in the recesses of my mind Came the single bird call Came the single bird song, solo Assisting me to go deeper, to let go Enter the twilight zone of my mind I am not alone His call at once soothes me and guides me Soothes me and guides me Where I hear no sound No sound

What is Medical Astrology?

When people talk about astrology, most people have an association with that which makes sense to them. They might associate astrology with a study of the stars configurations or a way of understanding their selves, or even just as related to their sun signs. What is medical astrology, though? How does medical apply to the stars in our charts?

Medical astrology is a particular field of astrology which does use the information that is gleaned from one’s birth chart as well as from what is going on in their charts at present and in the near future. Most people who ask for a medical astrology reading have a specific reason like they are presently ill and just can’t shake it, or that no one can figure out what is wrong with them, or even they had a sudden accident and want insight as to what is going on in their lives presently that they can learn from. They might also like insight as to what herbs, medicines, and treatments that would be most helpful or effective for their recovery. We can…

In the Meantime: Reacting and Responding

I have many clients ask me about what they should do as they are integrating new insights they gained and have yet to implement them into their outside world. It takes time for all of us to incorporate new understandings into our lives. As we are thinking about, and working on new insights internally how do we go about our lives relating to those we care most about without making our old reacting patterns? That is such a good and important question. The comfortable, simple answer is that we don't. We do react in our old habitual ways as they are almost automatic; they are so familiar.

What I find happens most of the time is we respond habitually, and then we think about what we did and why we got triggered the way we did. Our immediate response is automatic, and then we can have the leisure to work out what just happened. I wish change were more immediate, but most often it is not. What I can do, however, is give someone some suggestions as to how they can stave off more aggressive…