March 4th

I read something recently that we lose about 7% of our body daily, and take in about 7% new daily. In theory that gives us an opportunity to consciously release some of what we want and even need to let go of daily. The corollary to that is we have an opportunity to bring in some new daily….if we do that consciously we can bring in new thoughts, new structures, and new possibilities.
We can march forth with newness on a daily basis, allowing us to continuously create something new for us. In fact what we more often do is to continuously recreate the same on a daily basis. Yet, the potential is there built into our physical, emotional and spiritual existence the ability to make new; ideas, health, opportunities, relationships, and thoughts.
I am having fun imagining what it would look like if we did constantly create new. Old thoughts and beliefs that have held us back released into the air. Old cells no longer functioning optimally sloughed off making room for healthy new cells fueled b…


Death is such an interesting phenomenon and part of life. It is one which many of us try to ignore or are afraid to talk about or separate this integral aspect of living from the rest of our lives. Yet it happens with all of us. This occurs with the death of an idea, the death of a spouse or child, the death of a job or career, and the death of a dream. We watch death every day. The slow death of the grass and flowers after their blooms. The death of a robin after it bangs into a window or after a storm. The death of a beloved pet. The death of a houseplant or even the yearly death of tree leaves as they fall to the ground, fertilizing the earth to feed the next year’s growth. Some deaths we feel more strongly than others. There is nothing more life-changing and sad, and no more significant loss than the death of a child. The death of a parent is a great loss. The death of a spouse you have spent your life with is a gut-wrenching loss.Recently I experienced the death of a sibling. It is …

What's With This Anger?

Everyone seems so angry these days. It doesn't take much to set us off. I have been thinking about what this is all about. I find even in myself when I speak with people about political happenings or individuals that if I talk with someone who sees things a certain way with such conviction and certitude, I feel angry and want to argue instead of discussing.
I know for me, part of the dynamic stems from how I react when someone speaks to me with an angry or righteous tone. What sets me off is the feeling that they are not open and will not or can not listen to me and what I have to say. It goes back to my need to be heard and seen for who I am. When I encounter a situation where a person seems closed to another viewpoint and therefore closed to me and my ideas and beliefs, I feel shut down and I, in turn, close down. I don't open to them, and I feel angry, and it sets off my own set of righteousness inside.
I also know that we as a sea of humanity, are much more alike than differ…