Venus and The Art of Love

As I was sitting up in bed and meditating the other morning, I tuned into my stomach area; my gut. It seemed to be talking with me by feeling stiff and wooden. I attuned myself to that area and got a sense that for me, the stiffness was a general feeling of a baseline fear I carry which is related to a fear of rejection. This understanding led me to realize that our guts, where many of our neurotransmitters live, have to break down and digest many things beyond food. Digesting a fear of rejection is a difficult task. It doesn’t digest well or easily. In fact, it shouldn’t digest it.

Many of us try to digest feelings, emotions, beliefs, and ideas which are not ours or are not digestible. Digesting means to break things down so that we can absorb what we take in. Do we want to consume someone else’s feelings, or food that is not good for us, or someone’s ideas, etc.? I would say, probably not.

Upon making this realization, for me, it is important to accept myself, so that even if others d…

In The Meantime: Learning New Things

I love to learn new things. As a result, I have had the training for four different careers. Life is too short to find myself uninterested in what I do. I have to keep things interesting, or I lose my enthusiasm for life. We all spend most of our waking hours doing some sort of work. To me, it is therefore so important to at least like what I do and gets engrossed in my work. Learning something new though involves not only taking the time, or time out of my daily life to learn something new, but also the time to integrate the work into my knowledge base and then to integrate it into my work in some way or to initiate new work and services I offer.

That becomes quite a lot of time and effort I expend without knowing the outcome in terms of how I can incorporate the new information into my existing work or start new work, etc. When I engage in learning new material, I take a significant risk as to how I can use this in my life. At those times I begin to enter that zone of time I call In …

Poem: What I See With My Eyes Before Me

What I See With My Eyes Before Me

What I see with my eyes before me, I see me, Between the trees Staring out at me Begging me to please just be Put away my crazy desires and bigger than life aspirations See me peaking out Ready to seize the day  By just being me in all my glory and my foibles Seeing me clearly and truly Loving me with soft wide eyes Peaking out at me Asking me to be. . . me

My soothing words of wisdom from last week are about the things you do not like about yourself:

In the Meantime: "Insignificant Moments"

Recently I met a friend for lunch, and we were talking about our different projects. As we were sharing, I realized something I had yet to have expressed, even to myself, regarding this magic period of time, in the meantime. I realized that when we say, IN THE MEANTIME, we speak of it as a throwaway time period. It seems to me that we speak of it in the same throwaway way as we might say, whatever, or but. We don’t count that time as having importance. It is almost as if it doesn’t exist. In the meantime is a transitional period of time in which the little pieces of life come together. If we really think about it, many parts of our days and weeks involve what we may term, in the meantime.
I could say something like, I am writing a book, and in the meantime, I...
Or we could say, I am getting ready for work, and in the meantime, I...
Or we could say, I am getting ready to go to the store, or to cook something, and/or until I go, there is a period of time which is not disclosed, talked abo…

Poem: Fall Promises πŸπŸ‚

Fall Promises
It was an unusually warm fall. Summers’ days lingered quietly protesting Fall's progress.
Trees stayed leafy green, with just a topping of Fall’s colors making a muted display.
Only the birds knew it was fall.
Where are the birds, are they silently tucked away for the coming winter?
I sit patiently waiting for the bird’s morning calls as I stand on my back porch.
I sit listening and watching for the bird’s calls by my morning window shrouded by trees.
I watch as an occasional bird makes its more subdued presence known, flying by.
Winter is coming, they are saying as they make their winter nests.
Squirrels flit by, playing and mating and searching and digging and climbing.
I look upwards and see a squirrel in his nest high upon a tree.
Cooler breezes suddenly pop in bringing a refreshing change to the malingering heat.
Fall’s promises are coming at last.

The bird’s know what time it is; the birds know.

My words of wisdom for the week is about the feelings of chaos and fear during g…

There Is A Season

Fall is fast approaching and with that comes much-needed relief from the heat of the summer as well as the anticipation of the beautiful fall colors permeating our natural world. Orange, red, yellow, and brown will soon color our lives with vibrancy. I think of crisp fall apples, bright orange pumpkins, cooler breezes, and yellow and red leaves waving in the wind. As long as I have been a practicing Chiropractic physician I have flown solo. There is a season for everything, and I have found a lovely young woman who will be working in my office. You might see her around. Her name is Dr. Nikki Nienhaus. She is sharing my office and building her own practice. At the same time she is available to see you in times where I am too busy to see you in a timely fashion, and of course, when I am on vacation, so as you might need more continued care, your care doesn’t have to be interrupted. She has her own unique style of working, knows a lot about nutrition and nutritional testing for each person…

In the Meantime: Significant Gaps

When I was growing up, I was very close to my cousin. We are one year apart in age and he and his sister, my other cousin lived in Chicago, and we lived in St. Louis. I thought he was amusing, he still is, and I enjoyed his company immensely. One of the fun things we liked to do together was to play ping pong. My parents had a ping pong table in our basement, and he and I would go down to play for long periods of time. Sometimes we would start playing a different kind of game where we would hit the ball back and forth over the net and see how many times we could hit the ball without missing. I remember we would get on a roll and couldn’t miss so we would turn in circles and hit the ball and still keep on going. Now we didn’t spike the ball; we were hitting it back and forth fairly easily. Once we hit the ball over two thousand times before one of us missed. That was the silly kinds of things we would do together. His sister and I didn’t get along as well, and in fact, she had trouble g…