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Being Present to Ourselves

I have noticed a new catchword being used a lot; present or presence. I use that word also, and in fact, I use it for my web presence and my work. Being present means so many things at once, it is complicated, and yet it is so simple. Being present to oneself is about staying in our center, noticing when we are drawn out, paying attention to what draws us out, feeling what happens inside of us when we aren't centered and are reactive, being available to us and others, and being ourselves out in the world, and so much more. It is simple in that we have so much power and availability when we are present to us. It is hard in that we are taught from a young age to be present to almost everyone else except for us. Lately, I have had a couple of experiences which keeps teaching me about being present to myself and what happens when I am not. In one instance I was with a young woman who wanted to learn from me. As I was with her I noticed that as much as she said she wanted to lea

Winter Speaks To Us

  A Poem Becoming dormant like the green leaves of springtime. Closing in without closing down Hunkering in front of the fire, reading a book Bundling up to brave the wind  Slowing down and going more within Giving in and going with winters movements Feeling the great quiet language of the trees as their rich inner life deepens Reaching deep inside and imagining our ancestors telling life’s stories by the fire Going into my bone marrow to remember and to make it richer as winter speaks to us in its deep growl. My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about all the anger around us:

Bring in the New

It is the New Year; a time to celebrate. All across the globe, people celebrate and ring in the new year through parties, groups, drink, and frivolity. What are we really celebrating? What if we were to take this opportunity for celebration and consciously celebrate bringing in new into our lives?  It would be a great time to say goodbye to people and things about us which no longer serve us, and to allow space for new ideas, new opportunities, new people, new feelings to take root inside of us. Saying goodbye to what no longer serves us and who no longer serves us does not always occur in the way we wish. In fact much of the time we let go when a great loss happens in our lives or when something gets so bad we just have to let go. That seems to be the way we humans function in this world.  This is a great time to ask ourselves what we would truly like to do in this life, and who or what types of people we would most like to attract into our lives and to take the time to s