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In the Meantime: Life as a Series

Life is a series of thoughts and feelings and memories and experiences fused together with all our senses and connecting the dots so we can have a coherent way of understanding us and what is going on all around us. It is at once, a complex system and also very simple; yet complicated to put together. Life has the possibility of great joy and happiness and learning and growth. Getting it is not easy. We have to negotiate through so many situations and experiences; many of which are painful and difficult to get to the place of acceptance and joy and happiness. Such is the nature of life.  I have often wondered about the times in life in which nothing is making sense and change is in the air and yet where things are going and what is opening up for us is not clear. We all have so many of these times. This can translate to the times when we can see a job or career is ending or about to change and we are about to be let go or fired, and nothing has shown up to take its place. Or