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I'm So Happy; Or Am I?

How Do I Get There? “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”                                                                                   - Aristotle It is May. The sun is out more consistently, it is warming up, and the flowers are blooming. Are you excited to get outside and experience the beautiful Spring? I am! This is what happens to us inside as well. We can get so excited and can’t wait to spring out of our cocoons. What does spring out can be very surprising. As I have said, April, May, and June are months where I am combing out how we are stuck in our past. Through these months I will give you tools to help you move forward. During the month of May I will be talking about pathways to happiness. Just the other day I was working with a woman who both looked and acted like she felt well and happy. As I was sitting with her and asking her what she would like to work on, she mentioned she wanted to work on not passing her stuff on to her children and their child

Are You A Victim?

Turn Rain Into Sun The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”                                                                                                 - Dolly Parton Happy Spring! Isn't it amazing how quickly we can forget our sunny days when we are in the depth of our rainy ones. I love watching the tulips and jonquils bloom this time of year. Their birth seems to bring a sense of life and anticipation of what is to come. It is the same in life. After we have gotten past the early years of our lives, the rest is really about us. We have to remember we are the ones who need to step up and out. There is no one else who can do that for us, it is our responsibility. I love the word responsibility. It is the ability to respond. We do get caught in an inability to respond. Especially when there has been a very hard life, a difficult fate, as in a parent dying very young, a stillborn or someone leaving us. When those types of th

Finding Joy From Pain

April Showers Bring May Flowers                                   “A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise  won’t come true.”                                                                                          - Ray Evans In true Spring form it has been both rainy and cool. The beautiful flowers shooting out of the Earth, for us to see, are the product of the many April showers. I often forget what I have planted the year before and am always pleasantly surprised by what comes up or rather what the weather has allowed. This is also true in life; we often don’t know what our tears are going to bring up. We can get stuck in our past traumas and live as if the traumatic events are still happening to us. By seeing what and where our triggers stem from, we can allow new flowers to bloom in us. During the months of April through June, I am going to take us through different cases. On all of these cases I have worked through by using Family

What Brings Joy?

"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid  drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”                                                                                            - Langston Hughes Spring is often known as a happy time. We can shed our winter clothes as the weather warms, feel the sun’s warmth on our faces and witness the birth and regeneration of nature. The month of April, in particular, gives us a hope for rebirth. While we were in the seemingly never ending throws of winter, we get stuck wondering when this ever present cold will going away. Instinctively we are aware that the seasons will change bringing April and its beauty and warmth of the spring season. Life is often like the transition from winter to spring. Traumatic events happen in our lives capturing parts of us and keeping it stuck in the past. So we must ask ourselves about joy. What is joy? As sad as it is, we forget about joy or worse we either h