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Following The Thread

"The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust." -Abraham Lincoln Being in the unknown is a great fear many of us have in common. Letting go of needing to know the  outcome of things and needing to control what is occurring in our lives seems important to us. I say seems because what we perceive as needing, is really us desiring to know something because not knowing feels scary to us. If we can relax into the flow of life, we can open to seeing that there is a thread that becomes perceivable. As we follow that thread, many things that we are concerned about; usually about money, relationships, career, and happiness, fall into place. It is not All About the Base, it is all about the thread.  Recently I had the opportunity to buy and sell our house. Boy, was that an experience. This was quite a time for many of my issues and of learning to deal with trusting and following the thread to come up for me. First, there was finding the house tha

Summertime Fun Poem

Oh the summertime joys Sitting on the  back deck with the dogs crawling over me letting the heat of the sun permeate my soul Listening to the tinkle of ice cream trucks jostle down the street luring neighborhood children of all ages to cool off with a sweet treat Feeling the warm wind and summer breezes comb out my humid soaked kinky hair Allowing myself to think of nothing, emptying my mind and surrendering to the enjoyment of evening light Listening to the enchanted talk of the local birds whistling, singing, hooting and pecking their way into my consciousness As I am waiting for my nightly walk or excursion to my sweet indulgence of summer of cool brightly colored ices  Enjoying the flickering of fireflies to light my way in their erratic nature As I quietly hope for Summer nights to last forever Knowing that this summer fun too shall pass until next summer's emergence as I openly flow towards cooler nights and shorter days and watching m

Being Vulnerable

He who does not trust enough will not be trusted. -Lao Tzu We spend a great deal of our time in life protecting ourselves from perceived hurts from life and from others. Some of us take on the role of being a victim and so we go through life oversharing and being over vulnerable with others, bonding over our wounds and almost unconsciously asking to be hurt again. Others of us take on more of a role of everything being ok, and not easily asking for help and not easily sharing our true and vulnerable, underbelly selves. Neither extreme is one which is helpful to us, and yet we developed those ways of coping from our early life experiences. Which way of coping do you find yourself most resonating with?  Both ways actually keep us from being truly vulnerable in a life-affirming way. They are defenses built to protect us from hurts. Defenses could also be called fences. These fences keep others out from our hurt selves and keep us in, really not allowing our further growth and