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To Move Or Not To Move

“ Your present circumstances don ’ t determine where you can go; they m erely determine where you start. ” -Nido Qubein We are in the heat of the summer in August. For many of us, our children or grandchildren are getting ready to go back to school, and the days are still hot and long. We can feel the warmth in the wind and air around our skin. There is a summer haziness to the horizon, making our visual perception not so clear. Does that not happen to us in life also? Sometimes we just don ’ t see things so clearly. As we are moving together on a journey from the past to the present and into the future, all interwoven, we have taken a look at what holds us back and also what helps us move into the present. I also find that certain emotions hold us back, protect us and keep us from feeling more primal feelings. Guilt is one of those emotions, and anger is another. Without realizing it, we sometimes hide behind anger and/or guilt so we don ’ t have to feel things like sadn

Perspective; What Do You Want To See?

“The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.” -Richard Nixon July is the month of my birth; just barely. Summer has also always been my favorite time of the year. I love the long days, the warmth of the sun, the lazy times, and the night time bike rides.  I can see the crazy hot days and the endless heat and sweat, or should I say glow? In my perspective, July is a great time of the year. I know people who love the winter and the snow and skiing. I know folks who swear by the beauty in the spring and some who love the coolness and colors of fall. It is all perspective. This perspective also is with absolutely everything. In the heat of the moment with a confrontation we often lose our perspective. We get lost in the moment. That moment we get lost in is not as we say, “in the moment”. When we get lost it is really in the trigger of a “past moment”. We temporarily lose ourselves in an old feeling or desire and in doing so, we get too close. We only see the root of o

Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or to the future are certainly to miss the present.”                   - John F. Kennedy I have a vision of being out at a pool, keeping cool, letting the sun slightly bake my skin and bathe my body in good old vitamin D; sounds good to me. How much skin do I expose? Do I need to let it all hang out? Do I have some protection? And, if I am a bit shy, maybe I don’t want to wear a small two piece or bikini. What are my boundaries here?  This is such a small thing to be concerned about, but it is something we do concern ourselves with; especially in July. If we think about it, in various ways, we concern ourselves with our boundaries much of the time. How much time should I spend in the sun, how much time should I spend with my children, how much space do I need, how much time alone do I need without getting grouchy, and so on. These are daily questions we concern ourselves with. Other questions we ask are, how do

How Do We Have Fun?

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they are happy.” - Anton Chekhov It is July; my favorite month, and my birth month. It is warm and the days are long and light. We can take walks, ride bikes into the night, lie in the sun and bathe ourselves in warm and refreshing water. We can watch the fireworks, eat snow cones, bar-b-que, and so on.  It is summertime.  It is a time when we dress lighter in cool clothes. We bare ourselves.  Do you find that you consciously and unconsciously keep some of you and your thoughts from others; even the ones you love? Are there places where you don’t bare yourself? Do you keep yourself from enjoying ‘you’ by limiting the amount of fun you are allowed to have? Do you have an allowance of fun? Some of these may seem like silly questions. What I am getting at is how you live more fully, in the present, with joy and love. July is a time I love. It is a fun time for me also. I think back to things that keep us from love and

Summer Fun

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”                    - George Orwell This summer, July through September, I am exploring what we can do in the present to make our lives more fulfilled, happier, and filled with vitality and health. We all want to be and live full and healthy and vital lives. Without health, how can we feel good, have the energy to grow and expand, and be vital humans? This summer I am looking at the middle portion of the Body Presencing Hologram; the moving and being in the present.  This past spring I took a look at how we get stuck on our past, even over generations, and how to move from this place of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, etc. to one where we are able to be here in the present and working on us and our full selves. Here we are, in the heat of July, often the hottest month of the year, for those of us in this middle latitude. And we are heating up! When we feel healthy and full of energy, sum