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What is Your Threshold for Love?


What Is Love?

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”
                                                                                -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Everyone wants to fall in love and experience the fullness of love, but not everyone believes that they are loveable or deserve love. Not everyone realizes that we love in a way that we have been loved and in a way that we love ourselves.

For those reasons and more, falling and being in love also stirs up our unresolved “stuff”. Yet falling in love and being in love and loving another gives us an opportunity to face and resolve old family issues. As we do so, we regain our strength and a sense of wholeness and vitality in our lives.

Loving gives us the opportunity to work on that old “stuff” as we experience life with and through another’s eyes. If we don’t really feel we deserve to be loved, when we are loved somewhere inside we might feel like “what is wrong with them that they love me?”

Sometimes we choose partners that sti…

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