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Astrology Class: Understanding your Chart and Your Evolving Self

Join me in a series of 4 astrology classes throughout this fall and winter. They can be taken as stand-alone classes or together. If taken as stand-alone, please gain permission from the instructor first. In these classes, we will explore the language and world of astrology through the signs and symbols that characterize our lives on an ancestral, psychological and evolving level. In the first class, we will learn the astrological language of the signs, planets, and houses themselves. We will look at them from a symbolic perspective and then bring them down to the personal. We will choose a name from a hat to look at one person’s symbols in depth. In the second class, we will weave the importance of the elements and the sun, moon and ascendant in looking at the psychological tools at play in our lives. We will also introduce the main aspects and geometric configurations in our charts and what they mean for us. Again, we will choose a name from a hat to look at their chart in

In the Meantime: In Process of Learning

Today I stopped by Starbucks to get a coffee and to do some work. I love to go to coffee shops and sit and relax and read or write and think. It is the intimate work surrounded by people whom I don't know that somehow feels like a good embrace from which to work. As I was there recently I noticed that this particular shop was going to offer curbside service and it is not a drive through establishment. I wondered how they were going to do this well as it is a busy shop. I asked one of the barristas how this was going to work for them. Her answer was interesting. I bring this up here because it is a different take of the period of In the Meantime that I am so entranced by. She said that eventually they would hire one person who just did the curbside service and the others would then be able to continue to do the work as usual without more stress on them. I asked her how busy it was now, and she indicated it was not utilized much as yet. So for now, they don't have an extra