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In the Meantime: Dedication, Discipline, Desire

When I was in Chiropractic School, I knew I was in the right place doing what I was supposed to do and yet had many moments where I wanted to quit. Just like with any intense schooling or training, the commitment is significant. It takes dedication, discipline, desire, and even self-respect to finish such a program when the experience itself is very challenging and not fun. In fact, during the first three trimesters of school, I was so tempted to quit so many times I couldn't count how many. My ability to complete my education continues to amaze me. I used to say that I had over 22 years of formal training and yet I hated school. That is still true today. I love to learn and do not like formal training. I am a very independent-minded person, and the whole school experience feels very restricted to me. What kept me going was the genuine thought that if I didn't become a chiropractor, then what would I do for a living? I never had a different answer that was good enough than