The Winds of Change

Spring is a great time to begin something anew. I love to take lessons from the trees and foliage who are so in tune with the changing seasons. We, humans, have a much harder time with change than does nature who just goes with the seasonal flow of the earth's journey around the sun. I watch the trees stand firm and tall and solid as they work together as a network to watch each other and to gain information as to what is going on around them. They let each other know when there is danger and they feel the sun and wind and earth and precipitation all around them. Their sap begins to flow and nutrients move through them as the sun's rays permeate their existence. They open and bud and flower in complete synchrony with the elements around them. As the temperature falls, their movements slow down and as the temperatures rise, they increase. The drama is in us, not them.

One of the reasons I love astrology is that the study of the movements of the planets and moons and asteroids around us and the movements of the earth around the sun and their interactions also just flow naturally, yet also affect us and our own inner dynamics in a complex, sometimes gentle, sometimes firmer way despite whether we fight it or flow with it. These movements are a part of the grand design. As with anything, we can fight what we don't like occurring in our lives, or we can learn from them and move with them more freely.

Our own inner dynamics are reflected so beautifully in our natal chart, the blueprint of what we were born with; our strengths, our weaknesses, our influences, and our inheritances. This is what was and what is for us as we learn to work with these factors in our lives. And yet, as we learn more about us and accept us and understand us more fully, we have the ability to create a more free will. We can change and move with the winds of change, just like as mirrored to us in nature.

When certain planets are moving around us, or transiting important parts in our chart,  certain aspects within us can be activated and affected. Through astrology, we can learn how to work with these active parts within us. We can also look at relationships with the family, partners, colleagues, and see the gifts and challenges they bring to us. Combining the astrological picture and dimensions with therapeutic processes and the family constellation work is invaluable in helping us to do our own growth and to move with the winds of change.

Shift Your Story/Shift Your Life

Navigating life's challenges is a life’s work. I will be writing about different ways to use the knowledge of astrology to enhance our lives and to help us move with these winds. Each blog will be dealing with a different aspect that shows up in our charts and how we can work this that particular element for more easily navigating these challenges.

To learn more and to schedule, a session, go to
Feel free to also contact me directly;; 314-995-9755

Our Life Purpose through the Understanding of the Characters of Life

This one day workshop will explore the way our mind’s work and how our minds and intellect interweave with the work of our souls. Come and learn about the characters in your own head through the language of astrology and through the course of the day you will begin to look at your own chart and put your inner pieces together in a new way. We will:

  • Do a review of our planets, signs, and houses; the what, how and where in our charts
  • Learn how different conversations occur and impact us through learning the basic aspects of astrology; the squares, oppositions, conjunctions, and t-squares
  • Look at your life purpose through the lens and understanding of where Saturn is in your chart
  • Learn life’s remedies from old patterns through an introduction to the moon’s nodes; the north and south node
  • We will start to put together these main players in our lives and see how they all interact with each other
  • Last but not least we will have an introduction into looking at the aspects in yours and your partners, children, and/or family members charts together. In order to do this, please send me your birth information: date, time, place of birth of you and the person whose chart you would like to interface with by April 17th
You will have a copy of your own chart to work with for this workshop and you will leave with a greater understanding of yourself; and acceptance of yourself.​ Bring a notebook and pen. We will have an hour lunch break.​

Reservation Required
$100 per person ($25 deposit) by Credit Card, Cash, Check
Place: The Blu Room, Washington Missouri

Date: April 22nd, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Please contact (636)432-1731 or

My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about stepping out into Spring:


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