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What Is Your Angry and Howling Winter Storm?

“Sometimes you have to go through a rainstorm to see the rainbow at the end.”

Here we are deep in the middle of February and I am writing about choice again. I am writing about choice in order to get to acceptance. In life it is often true that it is easier to choose anger or guilt than it is to feel and accept pain or loss. We hide behind our anger; sometimes for generations. Yet, when we are able to let the rainstorm of feeling pass, we then can move forward into feeling acceptance and then to feeling full of life and joy. If we stay angry we can grieve or mourn a loss forever. If we move through the anger to the loss behind it, we are set free to see the rainbow.
I have a client who lost his brother last year. He had died during a howling winter storm when his truck suddenly skidded and ran off the road. This man left two children, a former wife, three brothers, a sister, and more. He was my client’s brother and best friend. He had struggled with alcohol on and off for many years. …

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