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Into The Stillness Poem

Into the stillness of the night
The silence is as penetrating as the cold night`s air
Grey skies encircle above
Snaring the birds in its misty claws
Spitting small snowflakes in its wake
Feeling the vibration of the dormant trees
As they rest in drowsy alertness
Closing my pores to the arctic chill
Trying to emulate the tall dormant warriors
Silently making my way to the warmth and light of my house
Anticipating the heat of a hot cup of tea lightly cradled between my hands
Sinking into the silence of the night
Of a winter's evening.

Getting into the stillness and energy of the season. There is truly a time for all seasons. As I settle into the winter's season, I learn from the trees and gently move into a quiet stillness. 
Happy winter to us all.
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