March 4th

I read something recently that we lose about 7% of our body daily, and take in about 7% new daily. In theory that gives us an opportunity to consciously release some of what we want and even need to let go of daily. The corollary to that is we have an opportunity to bring in some new daily….if we do that consciously we can bring in new thoughts, new structures, and new possibilities.

We can march forth with newness on a daily basis, allowing us to continuously create something new for us. In fact what we more often do is to continuously recreate the same on a daily basis. Yet, the potential is there built into our physical, emotional and spiritual existence the ability to make new; ideas, health, opportunities, relationships, and thoughts.

I am having fun imagining what it would look like if we did constantly create new. Old thoughts and beliefs that have held us back released into the air. Old cells no longer functioning optimally sloughed off making room for healthy new cells fueled by healthier thoughts and beliefs. Letting go of relationships that no longer serves us which makes room for new ones that do serve us. New thoughts allowing us to make new again old relationships we thought were dead for us. Different choices we make for our lifestyles regarding exercise and food choices. You see where this is going. In effect, we consciously create the lives we want to live, to a much greater degree than we most often do. The kicker is that this is always possible for us.

Think of the example of an old saying many of us live by life is hard. Can we imagine instead, us consciously saying to us that life is Grand and all is possible? I can. What does that look like and feel like to you? As we change that belief our self-talk changes from one of negativity to one of positivity. When something bad or tough happens, we can then tell ourselves that this is tough and now let’s see what happens because of this. We will say things like that to us instead of, that is tough and all is bad and I can’t imagine what to do now. Feel the difference? Make a game of this and see what happens.

One of the things I like so much about the astrology work and the family constellations is that they are vehicles that help us to change our old stories and to see us and our lives and family with new eyes or a new perspective. Through astrology sessions, we can see us more dispassionately and with more objectivity without the negative self-talk so we can more easily accept who we are and gain tools to work with to enhance our gifts and reinforce our weaknesses. The family constellation work helps us to accept what was and to move towards what is so we can create a happier present and more vital future.

Shift Your Story/Shift Your Life as you march forth with this way of looking at the world. My father loved the holiday of March 4th and made a fun game of the play on words. Now I can look at marching forth instead of as a drudge march or a fun march, but as a way of moving forward with incorporating the new. If you feel like it, message me with how you are letting go of something old and bringing in something new.

My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about the word 'NO':


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