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Self Conscious

Self-conscious is being aware of one's self. How do we do the hard and necessary work of being aware of us and who we are and discern who we think we are and what we want to be from who we truly are? It begins with our self-talk. Listening to how we talk to ourselves and staying awake to us helps guide us to seeing and knowing who we are. I had been working on a woman's astrological birth chart recently. In looking at her chart I saw a pattern which I interpreted a certain way. Our astrological charts can show us our basic nature, the nature of our early wounds, and ways with which we can work with our minds and our wounds to grow and be our potential in this world. Her birth chart looked like she had chosen a difficult life. Her mind was being pulled in many directions and looked like there had been a lot of strife and emotional abuse in her life. When I actually met with her and worked with her, I quickly saw and felt and knew that she had been able to transcend the

Gratitude Poem

Gratitude Poem With all that is going on in this world, I woke up grateful. Remembering all the sacrifices our founding fathers’ made; for them and for us. The Father’s of our country, so wise and so flawed. We come from them and from so many. We come from peoples all over the world. I am so flawed, and so awed, and so full of love. Grateful for our country. Grateful for both the beauty and squalor around us Grateful for the opportunity to be alive and to feel Seeing the richness and diversity all around us; of nature, of peoples, of feelings, of believings. All has shaped us and shaped me. I can’t remember and can’t forget all my past pains As I go forward in life thankful to be, to think and to express All that I hold dear to my heart. In gratitude.