The Backwards Planets - Mercury in Retrograde

In our solar system, we periodically have planets that as they are orbiting around the sun and around us, look as if they are going backward. They are not going backward. They are speeding up and slowing down and crossing other planet’s orbits making them look as if they are going in retrograde, or going backward. I am sure that those of you who follow astrology have heard of these events, and most specifically of Mercury going in retrograde. Mercury appears to go backward about three times in a calendar year, and each time is lasting three weeks before speeding up and looking as if it is now going forward. As with all the planets, Mercury can be seen as an archetype and one that is about how our minds work, what we think about, how we think, how fast or slow our minds go, whether or not we can control our minds, and how we perceive others, events, etc. Mercury is a messenger. Where and how Mercury is in your chart depicts these aspects in yourselves. In other words, are you a slower p…

In the Meantime: Transitions

We speak the words, IN THE MEANTIME a lot. As I open myself to this process of being in this meantime, I become more acutely aware of how often we even say these words. I was speaking with a client recently, and this person was talking about the transition he/she is in currently in regards to a change or transition to a new career to represent the new phase they are entering. That made me think of a new phase I am entering and also the phases I have made in my life to this point.
Life itself engages us in many transitions. We transition from infant to toddler, to small child, to child, to pre-teen, to teenager, to young adult, to middle age, to retirement. I like to think of retirement in terms of time to retire; put a set of new wheels on us to reflect the stage of life beyond raising children and beyond the normal work years where we are actively working to make enough money to support ourselves and our family. In this phase, we are rethinking about what has meaning to us, what legac…

Fire Element: The Right to Life (Astrology Blog)

I find the element of fire in the eyes of many people studying astrology can be misunderstood. When people who have a little knowledge of astrology hear that someone is a Leo or an Aries sun sign, or who have more than two planets in a fire sign think they know you in some way. Being someone with a sun in Leo and a moon in Aries, I frequently hear things they may think they know about me and they see that aspect through a narrow lens. I listen to stuff like, “oh, wow, watch out for you,” or things like that. It is easy to look at the astrological signs and their houses literally. There is nothing wrong with that. It just doesn’t take into account a myriad of dynamics at play in a person. Hearing that I have five planets in the 5th house in the sign of Leo, people often think I have a big ego, or a significant need to be heard and seen so that I can be loud and even obnoxious maybe even that I like to have things revolve around me. The truth is we all have some of those aspects within …

In the Meantime: Trusting the Process

It is often said that we have to hear something at least twice for us to remember it. There is a lot of truth to that. It goes into our short term memory, and if we don't repeat it or use it, we also lose it because the new information didn't have enough time to be integrated into our long term memory. There is another factor I find to be true. If we aren't fully engaged or interested in what we are learning the new material also doesn't stay with us.

Sometimes even if we are genuinely interested, it is just too much for us to absorb. I find that dynamic often happens when we engage in deep personal work or a therapeutic environment. There is only so much we can take in at a time. I frequently get feedback after a session where much inner territory was covered that they can't remember much of what we talked about. I sense that, often, in those periods, we enter an IN THE MEANTIMEzone. This is a zone where we consciously remember a little of the session, and our unco…

In the Meantime: Old Traumas and Wounds

I don’t know if any of you watch television, but I saw a show the other day which spoke to me. The show is actually one that is filled with melodrama, but I view it anyway as I love medical shows. There was an episode recently where a psychiatrist heard the inner story which kept a young woman captive. The show is called Chicago Med. The psychiatrist is my favorite character in the show. He is at once very human with his own fallible and also very wise and intuitive and gentle. In this particular show, a young woman was brought in who her mother thought was possessed by a demon. She had scratches all over her, was out of control and so was restrained and was dehydrated and spoke in gibberish. The young woman’s father also came in enraged about how his ex-wife was treating his daughter. The psychiatrist interviewed the mother and father separately and received their stories and perceptions.  Here we are IN THE MEANTIME again, as he figures out what is going on with this young woman…..wha…

Venus and The Art of Love

As I was sitting up in bed and meditating the other morning, I tuned into my stomach area; my gut. It seemed to be talking with me by feeling stiff and wooden. I attuned myself to that area and got a sense that for me, the stiffness was a general feeling of a baseline fear I carry which is related to a fear of rejection. This understanding led me to realize that our guts, where many of our neurotransmitters live, have to break down and digest many things beyond food. Digesting a fear of rejection is a difficult task. It doesn’t digest well or easily. In fact, it shouldn’t digest it.

Many of us try to digest feelings, emotions, beliefs, and ideas which are not ours or are not digestible. Digesting means to break things down so that we can absorb what we take in. Do we want to consume someone else’s feelings, or food that is not good for us, or someone’s ideas, etc.? I would say, probably not.

Upon making this realization, for me, it is important to accept myself, so that even if others d…

In The Meantime: Learning New Things

I love to learn new things. As a result, I have had the training for four different careers. Life is too short to find myself uninterested in what I do. I have to keep things interesting, or I lose my enthusiasm for life. We all spend most of our waking hours doing some sort of work. To me, it is therefore so important to at least like what I do and gets engrossed in my work. Learning something new though involves not only taking the time, or time out of my daily life to learn something new, but also the time to integrate the work into my knowledge base and then to integrate it into my work in some way or to initiate new work and services I offer.

That becomes quite a lot of time and effort I expend without knowing the outcome in terms of how I can incorporate the new information into my existing work or start new work, etc. When I engage in learning new material, I take a significant risk as to how I can use this in my life. At those times I begin to enter that zone of time I call In …