What is Medical Astrology?

When people talk about astrology, most people have an association with that which makes sense to them. They might associate astrology with a study of the stars configurations or a way of understanding their selves, or even just as related to their sun signs. What is medical astrology, though? How does medical apply to the stars in our charts?

Medical astrology is a particular field of astrology which does use the information that is gleaned from one’s birth chart as well as from what is going on in their charts at present and in the near future. Most people who ask for a medical astrology reading have a specific reason like they are presently ill and just can’t shake it, or that no one can figure out what is wrong with them, or even they had a sudden accident and want insight as to what is going on in their lives presently that they can learn from. They might also like insight as to what herbs, medicines, and treatments that would be most helpful or effective for their recovery. We can also use medical astrology to look at their family dynamics and how the dynamics influence them, as well as from a medical point of view, what might be the inherent weaknesses that they inherited from their family. Medical astrology is a very effective way to look at inheritances, illnesses, accidents, and treatments.

An example of this in action is a friend of mine had a sudden accident, a freak fall, where she landed in such a way that she fractured her neck. This accident was an instant life changer. She asked for assistance as to what I saw in her chart that she could use to help herself. I was able to see that this accident may not be permanent, but that it would take a lot of work and time on her part for her recovery. Without her telling me, I saw that it was a very sudden and unexpected event which would mostly affect her head and neck. It would also take lots of quiet, restful time and even using her imagination and visualizations to assist her healing. She had been a big mover and shaker in a corporation asking her to work huge chunks of time and with frequent travel. Doing so was a great cost for her personal wellness. This accident was an unconscious time she gave herself, in a way, to take time for her and to develop other parts of herself. She felt relief alone, in my “seeing” in her chart with the placement of her planets in certain houses and with the movements of planets presently affecting her chart that it may not be permanent. I also was able to tell her that it looked like she might tend to have head and neck issues during certain periods in her life. 

With my chiropractic background, I also have the training to see not only what treatments would be most effective, but to be able to suggest certain supplements that would be more helpful to them and the timing of effective treatments. 

If you or any of your family members or friends have any medical or health issues and questions, please feel free to contact me for a reading: 314-995-9755, gail@bodypresencing.com, and/or https://www.bodypresencing.com/astrology. If you book a medical astrology session between now and April 1st to be used by May 1st,they will receive a 30 percent discount on the reading! Here is to becoming our best selves!


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