Poem: And The Sun Still Shines

And The Sun Still Shines

I woke up this morning, and the sun was still rising in the sky
And my dog was still licking my toes and shaking her ears
And the birds were still nipping about on my deck looking for remnants of seed
And the insects were buzzing about
And my friend the spider was still by my front door weaving his web
And the squirrels were still scurrying and jumping from tree branch to tree branch
And the sun was still rising and shining down on us sending us light throughout our day
And yet there are lies and deceit and war and anger and rage and fear and hatred and inequality and poverty and ignorance and denial and greed; in our world and in us
And the sun was still shining 
Reminding us of our moral compass
Reminding us that life goes on
Showing us the way and the way to our hearts
Guiding us and inviting us to live
And the sun shines on…

My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about when you say, "I have to let this go":


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