Waiting Poem

Staying centered and knowing I am being lied to.
Feeling my anticipation in my breath and the quickening.
Concentrating on breathing slowly and deeply.
Listening to the music around me.
Feeling the breath of the air on my skin and in my hair. 
Watching the trees move and breath with the touch of mother nature's energy.
Enjoying the trees expression of life
Quieting my mind consciously
Opening me to the unknown and feeling my own movements and breath
And taking a cue from nature around me, enjoying my expression of life

I hope on this holiday you can find the time and place and space to enjoy your own expression of life. Life is a vital force and one that becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

Love to you all and I hope this next year finds you in good health, with a joyful expression of who you are that you can bring to you and to the world.

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