Bodies and Souls

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”
                                                                                             -George Bernard Shaw

Have you ever had the privilege of witnessing a person or animal die? It is an amazing experience. A few months ago I was with my 13 year old Great Pyrenees as we put her to sleep. She was here one moment, and in a last breath, she was gone. You can feel the presence of ones soul, ones being, and you know when it is gone. If you had ever questioned the presence of our soul, witnessing the soul leave and the difference in the body before and after lets you know there is a distinct and palpable difference. Our essence lights us up.

As we live in our bodies and often dont pay much attention to intangibles, we can easily get confused and begin to think our body is who we are. Our body houses our soul, and because it gives it a place to be, our bodies reflect what is going on within us. When we were growing up as children, our father would often discuss things like honesty, listening to ourselves, what it is to live in our bodies, and integrity. These discussions, really monologues, often took place over meals. When I was growing up, our family often ate at different times because of our schedules. But Sunday breakfasts were different. We were all together, and we would have a special meal instead of our usual morning cereal. 

My father would eat an omelet and I would choose pancakes. Then we would listen to stories my father would tell us. It was not unusual for him to use himself as a discussion point. He would talk about self healing and how he went inside himself and healed a cold, or flu, or a cut, and so on. An example would be him having a cold. He would go inside his body and talk with the white blood cells. You see, already he was making a distinction between him and his body. He would say our bodies and minds and soul are the same.  Yet, he would talk about working with his body. He would talk with his cells by asking and showing them how to work together as an army in perfect marching order. His white blood cells would then go and eat up every virus cell, one at a time, in perfect order not in a hurry, until every virus cell in his body was gone. This was the way he worked with himself. Often his colds would only last 1 or 2 days, as his working with himself in this way did help him. I have tried a similar method myself, but including my essence and it does work. It is a way to gather all of our parts in a conscious way, and for them to work together. 

When we as whole individuals, and all of us; our conscious and unconscious minds, want to be well, most often we are. When aspects of us feel overwhelmed, lost, sad, needing to be cared for and so on, often we do become ill to one degree or another. So who and what are we? We are souls living inside our bodies. Our body does give us much needed information about who we are. Sometimes we just need help deciphering what they are telling us. Do you have any stories that have had meaning to you in your life similar to this, or that speak to you regarding our bodies and souls and working with them? Or, have you too witnessed a being transitioning, and what did you notice? If so, I would love to hear them and welcome you sharing.

Small Changes that Promote Big Results:

How can you work with your body/self to help you to work with your soul in your body? Take a sheet of paper and write out a way or place that your body is speaking to you. This could be through physical pain, illness, injury, scoliosis, head ache, heart ache, and so on.

Now invite you to go inside and speak with that area. Ask it what it needs, and what it might be telling you on a more spiritual level. You may or may not get an answer. It is ok either way. The more you do this, the more you are attuned to hearing. 

Next, ask your cells to come and work together in some way to help your blood flow, or to bring nutrition or circulation to a problem area, or to work to heal a torn cell of a muscle, etc. Ask all your parts to be involved, and notice if and when you are aware that maybe not all your aspects are on the same board. If not, then just notice. Ask the parts with a different agenda if they can share their agenda with you. The gentler you ask the better. 

Afterwards, write down what your body told you, or what you heard from other parts of you, conscious and unconscious. The task here is also to bring the unconscious more up front so you can hear it or see it or even feel it. 

The more your parts work together, the greater the effect.

Again, here is to greater health, wholeness and vitality in our lives. And to my father who was able to communicate an intangible activity in such a tangible way. 

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