Happiness Runs In A Circular Motion

“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
                                                                                     -Andy Warhol

Here we are in the dog days of summer. The children are back to school, the days are getting shorter, the warmth is still with us, and we are happily watching the squirrels run around beginning their journey towards fall and harvesting. These are thoughts and feelings that come to me as September comes around. How about you?

I also love this time of year because summer still lingers and I have the beautiful fall to look forward to. I am reminded of the song, “Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion.” Happiness begets happiness, creating a loop of positivity and continued belief in what is possible. We get in the circular motion of happiness, and our thoughts and feelings keep creating that feeling. 

The opposite also occurs where we get in a loop of negative or fearful feelings, and that loop keeps recreating itself. That loop is not a fun one, and yet is one we can find ourselves in. As I look at the Body Presencing Hologram of being fearful and moving to having good boundaries, which helps to propel us to love, I can’t help thinking of these fearful loops. When a young part of us gets stymied or stunned by a trauma, we get stuck in a fearful loop and find it hard to move and create a new loop. These old traumas can be enough to stunt our emotional growth in a particular aspect and keep us at the same age as we were when the event happened without our realizing it. What happens then is that that particular part of us doesn’t age and controls us in a way, creating a negative loop instead of being able to grow up and out and vital and whole.

I was working with a woman who was feeling very good about herself and what she is contributing to the world. She began to realize that she was blocked in a certain way and she couldn’t find her way through the block. When it came to using her voice to speak her truth and knowing fully and clearly to others, she realized she would become fearful that they wouldn’t want to hear what she had to say and she would be alone. As we talked and worked together, we came to an old trauma which happened to her as a middle teen. She had been in the back seat of a car, when she saw a vehicle moving quickly right into them and she felt sheer terror. In addition, at that time in her life, she felt alone, unheard, unseen, and was in a very difficult place personally. Her mother had been unavailable. Her father was caught in a drinking cycle and had sexually traumatized her for years as a young girl. She had kind of given up hope. She survived the accident, with lots of injuries, and came home to parents who didn’t really seem concerned. 

The sudden trauma coalesced with the events in her life leading to that moment, and a part of her stayed stuck and blocked at that moment in time. Even though in many ways she had a good life, the part of her which felt like she could speak fully and openly and be heard and loved shut down. She didn’t even realize how shut down and unfeeling that aspect of her was until we started working on this together. She had created a new loop where she couldn’t say her truth without fear. In that part of her life she couldn’t be fully happy.  By using figurines to show her the many aspects of herself at the time of the accident and transitioning to an image of what is presently in front of her as she opens up and speaks a new light was she shed. She can lock in, so to speak, a new possibility… a new loop that can now begin for her. This new loop allows growth and a circular motion of happiness in that part of her life.

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I have developed what I call the Body Presencing Hologram. It is a hologram which gives words, an image, meditations and exercises to have you experience what it can be like to go from being stuck in a feeling which keeps us in the past, to the present, and what to look forward to in the future. Take a look, and experience it for yourself and see what you think, and if it helps you. Go to my website www.bodypresencing.com.  Click on Body Presencing Hologram and experience it for yourself. Please also feel free to contact me with any questions, observations and more!

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