Experience Body Presencing™ in 2014

“In the depth of winter I finally learned
that there was within me an Invincible Summer”
-Albert Camus

Happy New Year!  I am excited to launch a new year and to introduce a new theme for my blog.  In 2013 we explored The Twelve Body Presencing Keys: Unlocking the Secrets of Vitality &Health, Wholeness & Joy. 

In 2014 I will be sharing ways in which we can all Experience Body Presencing™.  My weekly blog posts will be filled with inspirational stories, cases and examples of how Body Presencing™ works, as well as how living a vital and healthy life is connected to the seasons.

The seasons teach us so much. I am a watcher. I spend time each day looking out my morning window which faces east.  I watch the sunrise and the play of the sun and clouds in the sky. I watch the birds frolicking. I listen to the sounds of nature, and watch the leaves turn colors, fall to the ground, and the re-birth in spring.

Life in all its fullness gives us many opportunities to grow and share and become the person we really want to be. It is always helpful, especially when we struggle with issues in our lives, to read about and hear, and experience true stories of other’s struggles and how they find a way through them to greater happiness in their lives.

Body Presencing™ is such a unique blend of modalities that the combination has created something entirely new.  I want to share that with my readers as we spend the next twelve months finding ways to reveal our own unique light in this world.

For January, a month of cold winter days, often filled with snow and ice and cool winds, the stories I will share involve the great vistas possible when we go inside and hibernate in the warmth of our internal flame as we sit by a fireplace, or a heater, and bundle up in warm fleece. These great inner vistas open up for us as we spend more time inside and in less outer activity. We can go deep within ourselves to see there are always choices.

February’s stories involve stories of love; what is possible through love, how to open to love, and how to work through places where love hurts had shuts us down.

March’s stories are about the winds of change and the unseeable and introducing how I work with people through the many modalities. I also begin to talk about the weight we carry in our world and how to feel it, how to keep what is ours, and to let go of what is not.

April, May and June are about spring and what happens as we step into our own power and into the re-emergence of visible growth; what we learned through the winter starts showing the fruits of sprouting buds, leaves and flowers. In these months I also discuss how the past can affect us today and into the future, and how we have the power to change our moving picture through the power of the Family Constellation work.

April’s stories are ones that show us the power of being who we truly are and stepping out of other’s stories and beliefs.  May’s stories reflect the joy of the warm temperatures and what happens as we allow us to go out and have fun without the restrictions of our self critics.

June’s stories are about the warmth and flowering of our souls with new found callings and the flowering of ideas that have germinated.  Summer’s July, August and September reflect the great umbrella of rich foliage and summer heat with stories of what happens as we expand ourselves with richness of being and living. In these months of the full bloom of summer I talk about how I work with what is in front of us; our blooms in the present, and how through perspective and boundaries and growth and truth and integration we can move into the future. I delve into the chiropractic modalities, healthy summer cooking, and lifestyle and exercise approaches.

Fall’s October, November and December are stories which show the richness of completeness and how our harvest can provide for the winter to come.  Many of us will find we have reaped a large enough harvest that we can freely share with others from our abundance.  This is a time rich in completion and through story and cases I share the journey we make from a painful past to a future of love and acceptance, connection and inspiration, hope and clarity.

All these stories are true and I find them inspirational.  I hope you do too!

At the beginning of the New Year I am reminded of the power of the 100 monkeys.  By teaching 100 monkeys the same new skill, suddenly, other monkeys just intuitively knew them. Enough monkeys had learned so that the knowledge spread to others. That is what we are doing; sharing and integrating what is possible so we can all live the fullest lives imaginable in 2014 and beyond.

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