The Power of Creativity: The Sixth Body Presencing™ Key

“You can’t use up creativity; the more you use, the more you have.”
                                                                                         - Maya Angelou

What is creativity, where does it come from, and how can we channel it in creating a life of health, wholeness, and vitality?  This month we will explore The Power of Creativity as the sixth of the Twelve Body Presencing™ Keys.

When I was little I saw a movie on a Sunday afternoon which showed a ballet class in Austria. I had never heard of ballet before, and I was awestruck. I remember running down the steps and finding my mother in the kitchen and telling her that I want to take ballet lessons. That was the beginning of my passion for dance which would last the next twenty years.  Dance became almost everything to me; I ate and drank dance. Where did that creative fire come from?

It came from somewhere deep in my soul.  The more I danced the more I began to gain control over my movements.  The more I understood the body, the more I would soar with the music.  I literally felt that my soul was soaring.  It was a magical feeling.  I know that the creative fire can not be taught.  It is a soul thing.

Have you ever fallen in love with a new idea and wondered where it came from?  Have you ever come across something new and just knew you had to learn to do it?  This happens when we open ourselves to possibility and to moving with what moves us; be it writing, dancing, karate, painting, gardening or anything at all. 

For me, dance was a way of self expression.  I wasn’t so good with words, but I loved to express myself through movement.  Dance gave me a way to physically express my soul and it also gave me the discipline I so needed in my life at that time.  Ah, the passion and creativity of something that fills a deep need inside of us.

Maybe that is what creativity is: something that fills a great need inside of us and makes us feel more whole and vital.  What makes you feel more alive and vital?  When was the last time you engaged in that activity?

As this month of June unfolds, we will look at the ways we can nurture and more fully enjoy our creative passions; as well as how they help us to grow and to become more fully who we are in this life.  Join me in exploring the power of creativity.  And as always, I welcome any of your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on how the power of creativity has brought you more joy, passion, and vitality in life!

Recommended Resources
As I think about the nature of creativity and its role in our lives, I am drawn to recommend a book which talks about our souls in a very creative way: Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore.

I welcome other books that you recommend and that speak to you. As we nurture what speaks to us, we nurture our creativity and become more whole and vital!

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