If You Don’t Ask, How Can it Come True?

I was sitting by my window in the early morning; welcoming in the new day and watching the sky slowly lighten. I found myself listening to the morning talk of the birds. Birds always begin the day in their glorious sing-song and chatting way. But for some reason today, I not only heard but listened to what they were saying. It was something about dreaming bigger than I ever have in the past. Why not?  If I’ve got a dream, but I don’t ask or tell myself to make it come true, how can it happen? It occurred to me that 2013 is the year to give myself permission to dream big and to ask myself to deliver on my own “wild if-only wishes” for the New Year. I just might be my own Fairy God-Mother.

At first I sat quietly in the dawning light; just dreaming about the one passionate life that only I can live. As I visualized and thought about my dreams and goals for the New Year, I said them aloud. Yes, I know it seems a bit silly, but it was also a powerful choice to call into my life the things for which I long. As I was talking the birds went quiet. I waited to hear them again, but they were content to listen and witness. In their attentive silence I felt as if the dreams came alive and in the burgeoning quiet of the day there was the time and space needed to invite them into manifesting in the world.  After a few minutes, the birds resumed their morning chatter. The magical moment had passed, but not without my authentic self bearing witness to what I had said – out loud in broad daylight!

When was the last time you watched a sunrise and just daydreamed? When was the last time you wished upon a shooting star? When was the last time you sat in the boughs of a dreaming tree and watched the clouds unfurl as you thought about what really brings you alive? If you can’t remember the last time, I promise you its time. What are your deepest, most wild “if-only” dreams? Can you say your dreams out loud? I promise you, only the birds are listening. At least this time.

Small Lifestyle Changes that Produce Big Results: Schedule some time (especially in nature if you can) to think and dream about what you really want from your life. If you are a mover like me, take a walk in a park or a forest trail. If all you can do is look out a window, find one with a beautiful view that inspires you. Identify one important thing in the following categories: body/health, mind/vocation, heart/relationships, spirit/life meaning, and soul/creativity. Write yourself a letter and write it all down in the present tense as though you already embody the thing for which you long. Read it out loud twice a day for the rest of the January and February. Then send it to yourself (inside an inspiring card would be glorious) in the mail marked, “To Read January 2014.”  Then this time next year we’ll see how many of our dreams we made come true.

Recommended Resources: If you haven’t already seen the film, The Secret, I recommend you do while we are in the beginning of the New Year. You will find tons of inspiration for dreaming, goal setting, and choosing the life of your dreams (http://thesecret.tv/). The entire documentary is about the Power of Choice and how to manifest our dreams in our waking reality. 

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