Healing the Root of the Matter

Welcome to Body Presencing! But beware this is no ordinary blah blah blog. It’s the place to find quick tips for experiencing more passion and a sense of wholeness and well-being. It’s the place you can find ‘me time’ anytime. If you want to live a more vital and authentic life then join me here three times a week for a potent, inspiring, and powerful “daily blog practice.” 

All of my topics focus on health and well-being as well as how to create a more active, adventurous, and fulfilling lifestyle.  I invite you to engage this blog as an active (rather than passive) process that can bring more vitality, health and passion into your life. In each posting you can expect to find:

o   Small Lifestyle Changes that promote Big Results
o   A Guided Visualization/Meditation that relates to the Topic
o   Recommended Resources with links
o   Engaging and Short Stories of Transformation and Breakthroughs

Each month will present a different theme as we unfold “The 12 Body Presencing Keys:  Unlocking the Secrets of Vitality & Health, Wholeness & Joy.”  Some of our other topics include:

·      Healthy Eating (including healthy snacking)
·      Innovative Cooking Ideas
·      Exciting and Delicious Recipes
·      Inspiring Real Life Stories of Transformation
·      The Psychology of Food
·      Meditation, Visualization and Being Present
·      Ideas for Simple At-home Adventures
·      Pets as Personal Guides and Teachers

Sometimes I will share daily balancing techniques that I use and sometimes I will share recipes that excite me (I get REALLY excited about good food prepared healthily).  Other times I will share one of the 12 Keys of Body Presencing that exponentially increases vitality, health, and wholeness. I would love to hear your viewpoints and insights about the topics. Together we will create an inspiring and on-going conversation about the things that make life worth living - like health, wholeness, family relationships, and living a passionate life. Welcome to Body Presencing: Healing the Root of the Matter.

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