The Language of Astrology - Going to Paris

I just recently returned from a four-day immersion into Astrology where all we spoke was the language of Astrology. It was a lot like going to a foreign country, and you were only allowed to speak the native language. It was a jump start in the understanding of the language. The effect was all at once exhilarating and intimidating.  Learning Astrology is a lifetime's venture and adventure. Not only is it a way of understanding your self and your inheritances, but it is also a way of looking at a blueprint of your life, your health, and your possible events and learning opportunities in your life. If you so choose, it is also a way of seeing and understanding your inherent weaknesses, your early wounds, and your wounded healer. Let's take this out of the philosophical and make it more real. All of us are born with a set of experiences through our caretakers, early events, and traumas which mark us and shape our view of the world. Through the symbols of planets like Pluto, Saturn,…

In the Meantime: Behind the Scenes

I love going to sleep at night as much because I am tired and look forward to my rest as well as the fact that I love dreams and dreaming. I look forward to my dreams. I experience them as my other life. They can be just as vibrant and alive as my waking life. Many of the dreams I don't remember, but I do remember my feelings I experience in the morning when I wake up. As I was listening to a patient talk the other day, I realized that dreams are also an example of In the Meantime.

This patient was describing a dream she had had the other night. For this purpose, the content of the dream itself isn't as important as what is occurring behind the scenes.  As I was listening to her describe her dream, I was also hearing how the dream itself described the inner process of her unconscious. Her unconscious was aware of an understanding deepening within her that her conscious self was not. She did not know the growth that was happening in her and instead thought the dream was showing …

Astrology Class: Understanding your Chart and Your Evolving Self

Join me in a series of 4 astrology classes throughout this fall and winter. They can be taken as stand-alone classes or together. If taken as stand-alone, please gain permission from the instructor first. In these classes, we will explore the language and world of astrology through the signs and symbols that characterize our lives on an ancestral, psychological and evolving level. In the first class, we will learn the astrological language of the signs, planets, and houses themselves. We will look at them from a symbolic perspective and then bring them down to the personal. We will choose a name from a hat to look at one person’s symbols in depth. In the second class, we will weave the importance of the elements and the sun, moon and ascendant in looking at the psychological tools at play in our lives. We will also introduce the main aspects and geometric configurations in our charts and what they mean for us. Again, we will choose a name from a hat to look at their chart in more depth. …

In the Meantime: In Process of Learning

Today I stopped by Starbucks to get a coffee and to do some work. I love to go to coffee shops and sit and relax and read or write and think. It is the intimate work surrounded by people whom I don't know that somehow feels like a good embrace from which to work. As I was there recently I noticed that this particular shop was going to offer curbside service and it is not a drive through establishment. I wondered how they were going to do this well as it is a busy shop. I asked one of the barristas how this was going to work for them. Her answer was interesting. I bring this up here because it is a different take of the period of In the Meantime that I am so entranced by.

She said that eventually they would hire one person who just did the curbside service and the others would then be able to continue to do the work as usual without more stress on them. I asked her how busy it was now, and she indicated it was not utilized much as yet. So for now, they don't have an extra person…

In the Meantime: Mundane Times

An example of In the meantimes embedded in the mundane times throughout the day is this. You have a date that evening you are looking forward to, and 3 or 4 hours until it is even time to get ready for your date. What do you do with yourself? Can you focus enough to get some things done that need to get done such as grocery shopping, house cleaning, and planning and organizing for work? If you can't, can you take a long walk or go for a workout to focus your mind on something else? And if you can't, what do you do? Can you make this time a meaningful time or not…..just a wishing time would move fast kind of time?

This is another opportunity to learn how to just be or be with yourself. Imagine if in this type of instance you could feel fitful and restless, and yet still find a way to be with your mind and pay attention to where your mind goes and what you are thinking about as well as how you are thinking about the impending date. The person you are dating is relatively new to y…

Astrology Class 1: Introduction

Please join me in an informal introduction to learning how to read your own astrology chart:

Where: Elements of Wellness, 1561 N. Warson, 63132
When: Saturday, July 7th from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Cost: $45 per person; Pay by check, cash, or credit card thru PayPal RSVP: - 314-995-9755

There are 32 main characters that make up the language of astrology. These characters describe our inheritance from our ancestors including our DNA and also the dynamics at play within us and all the little parts of us. As we learn how to understand these planets, houses, and signs, we also learn ourselves a bit better, how our minds work, and to accept us as we are with all our beauty and our weaknesses.

Join me in a small informal class for this intimate introduction to the language of astrology and to begin to understand you and how your chart describes you. This is just a taste of what is to come. Later this fall we will introduce a series of 4 classes where we will delve deeper i…

In the Meantime: Small Moments

In the meantime times can be embedded in the small moments of each day as well as in larger period of times in our lives. Think of the times we have a date later in the day and may not have much planned for us earlier. Or the times when we have to be at work at 1:00 p.m. and it is 9:00 a.m. and we don't know how best to use our time. Or when our children are finally all napping and what do we do with our time, not knowing how long this will last. There are so many little examples of daily in the meantimes. In these cases are we looking at how we can be useful or purposeful during those times, or are we just wanting time to pass quickly, or are we trying to quickly get our chores done…..the choice is ours.
As a child I have so many memories of long, blank feeling days, and wondering what I could do before dinner. Mom fixes dinner, mom cleans the house, I have no plans with friends or activities, and what do I do? I remember those days as being so long and taking forever. In my house…