Our Health In Our Charts

Astrology is making a resurgence in today’s society. I was recently asked a question regarding what we can learn from astrology by an interviewer. There are many things we can learn through astrology, and what I find fascinating me presently is how we can learn about our health through knowing how to read certain aspects in our birth charts. Nothing is written in concrete from our birth charts. It is merely a blueprint of our lives, how we think, what motivates us, what our weaknesses are emotionally and psychologically as well as physically, how we may experience life in different phases of our lives, what our strengths are, and also what gets in our way and what helps to propel us forward into the realm of what is possible. As a blueprint, it is like a map and a direction; it is not dogma. There is no right or wrong, and so it is not the directive of our lives. The more we learn about us, and move into a higher consciousness of us, the more we have free will. So, it is merely a guide, and also, it is a guide, and a powerful one.

As a Chiropractic physician, I am certainly motivated to learn about health and factors that can help us heal and factors that can get in the way of our healing. Looking at a birth chart from the perspective of health, there are many factors which influence it. One of the elements I am writing about today is how the placement of our planets in individual houses can explain a lot about our health.

If you look at your birth chart, take a look at where your planets are arranged by house. In other words, where do you have planets located in your chart? Are they in the first house and 6th and 8th houses, for example? Are they spread out in many houses, and if so, which ones? Where they are located can tell us valuable information. Again, this is only one of many aspects which our blueprint can inform us about our strengths, habits, genetic weaknesses, chronic illness, acute illness, and so on.

If you have planets in the first house, the house of self and leadership, taking a stand, making fateful decisions, taking control of us, even loneliness, that can determine what your birth and early life experiences were like, what can happen when you are stressed, be an indicator of acute illness, and show us about our habits (lifestyle).

If you have planets in the 4th house, and I need to add here for all the houses, or planets that are transiting those houses, they can show us what our health might be in later life, and our eating habits from childhood. The fourth house, in general, is the house of our home life, of being defined by a family role, domesticity, overprotection, invisibility, and intense inner life.

If you have transiting planets or birth planets in the 6th house, that can show us about our general health, our ailments, and potential weaknesses. The 6th house is about having to make weighty decisions, being in servitude in some way, discipleship, and mentorship, intense scrutiny and criticism, and even ill health or physical limitations.

If you have natal or transiting planets in the 8th house, that can show us about our genetics and inherited illnesses can indicate surgery and even fatal illness. The 8th house, in general, is about psychological intensity, deep coupling, and bonding, difficult circumstances, unresolved death or high drama.

If you have planets in the 12th house, again by birth or by transit, that speaks of chronic illness, confinement, hospitals, and overwork of the 6th house can lead to problems here in this house. The 12th house in general deals with significant loss, spiritual awakening or spiritual efforts, disaster or catastrophe, defeat, a monastic life, prison, withdrawal from the world, addiction, and wasting illness.

Again, it is essential to note that just because you have a planet in one of these houses does not mean anything will manifest in the way I have written about. These are only indicators and also a way to read and understand what we may be going through, a way to look at our habits and also shows us directions through which we can be preventive. If we have planets in the 4th house, for example, we can then examine what our eating habits are like, look at them in terms of our parents eating habits and decide if we want to make a change in what has become habitual to improve our health. The houses are just one indicator of how our blueprints can show us about our health and illnesses and tendencies. There is so much to learn about this, but I hope this little tidbit is helpful to you personally to live the life you would like to live in health!

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