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On A Walk

I love to walk and especially walk in nature. It gives me peace and a feeling of being a part of everything. I love the smells, the beauty, the trees, the insects, yes the insects, the animals…..I love it all; except maybe getting stuck in the cold and rain. I was taking a walk the other day with my dog named Crow. Crow is a female who has the coloring of a Louisiana Leopard Dog. I had never heard of that breed, and yes, the breed exists. One of the ways I download from the day and disconnect from the virtual, digital world is to go walking, in nature and in the neighborhood. I was taking a walk the other day in an area in the country where I can have her off leash and she stays near me. She and I both love doing this. We had had some extreme rain events and the area was partially flooded so we took a little different route on an old railroad track surrounded by trees, a creek and lots of drying mud. We were enjoying our slightly bumpy walk on the old railroad ties, she was n

A Window In Time

We all live in windows of time. We often do not live in the present but in windows of time. When we are going about our days we are thinking about what we are going to do or wondering what is going to happen, or thinking about an event that had occurred or about what someone said to us way back when etc. These windows of time are ones that have an effect on us and also ones which we hope to have some control over in the future because of what happened in the past. Many of us consciously work at being more mindful and being more in the present. Even so, and with the best intentions and discipline, we often do not succeed in this endeavor. That is ok, and how our mind's work so frequently, and is part of our human experience. When it becomes a problem is when we are not aware that we are actually living in a window of time and are acting and reacting as though that past or future window was, in fact, happening right now.  There are so many examples of this daily pheno

Written In The Stars

Life is so much bigger than we are aware of. What we can see with our literal eyes is so little compared to what is possible to see. We see with what we know of as our belief systems. If something exists, but not within the awareness of our beliefs, we then don't see it; at least much of the time. What if I were to tell you that our genetic code is written in the stars above? Would you believe me? What used to be acceptable sciences are now seen as woo woo. And what also would apply is that what we now see as acceptable science at one time would have been seen as woo woo. The very moment of our birth and the arrangement of the planets in the sky at that very moment has within it's coded our very genetic possibilities as well as our ancestral influences.  In today's world, we call that woo-woo stuff astrology. In Plato's time, it was acceptable science. What I do know to be true is that we are greatly influenced by the dynamics and constellations of the stars