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The Soulful Life

The soulful life is one that exists parallel to the daily life in our conscious awareness. The soulful life is not about the grocery list, the have to's, the should’s, the needs to be best, the need to be right, and so on. It is about moving in tune to our own internal rhythms. It is about being in touch with our inner knowing, and about trusting our gut and moving with it. The movements in this parallel world move slowly and rhythmically. They move with an integration of our inner worlds. When we find ourselves rushing, or needing to make a decision quickly, or running from something, or trying not to feel, we have clues to our being out of tune with that world.  I had an interesting experience recently. I always considered myself an ok singer. There are times I sound good and am in pitch and many times where I am all over the place. My husband is a singer and a good one. I usually just like to listen to him sing or sing along with him and we end up laughing because

Poem: Time

Time Lost in thought Looking out my window into the beyond, imagined and real In the past and the present at the same time Aware of my dogs at my feet and the trees and squirrels out my window And yet in another world Just as real, just as potent The world of my past The world of my body The world of the seen The world of the unseen Seeing shapes in trees and faces in flowers Putting words to the shapes and faces Where did those words come from? Some deep integral place inside of me Lost in thought Lost in memory Aware of time passing Not aware of time passing Here and not Time, what is time? My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about the finding a balance within yourself through the conflict and strife going on around us:

Learning A New Skill

Learning something new keeps my mind healthy and moving. I love to learn. Every few years I find myself learning a new skill. Learning and adding skills to my toolbox is just an integral part of what makes me who I am. My latest gift to myself in learning is astrology. I used to think astrology was just woo-woo stuff, and yet at the same time I was drawn to it. I had my chart read a few times, I had my son's chart read when he was a baby, I had my nephew's chart done, and yet, I supposedly thought it was woo-woo. In fact, I think I really thought that it was too hard to learn. I looked at the charts, filled with hieroglyphics and lines and triangles and geometric patterns and I was a bit overwhelmed. I would think, well maybe I will learn it some day. So instead I learned more chiropractic skills, then I learned the Family Constellation work, and I use them all. In fact, each skill I learn adds to who I am and what I can bring to be of service to others. I love to help