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Poem: What I See With My Eyes Before Me

What I See With My Eyes Before Me What I see with my eyes before me, I see me, Between the trees Staring out at me Begging me to please just be Put away my crazy desires and bigger than life aspirations See me peaking out Ready to seize the day  By just being me in all my glory and my foibles Seeing me clearly and truly Loving me with soft wide eyes Peaking out at me Asking me to be. . . me My soothing words of wisdom from last week are about the things you do not like about yourself:

In the Meantime: "Insignificant Moments"

Recently I met a friend for lunch, and we were talking about our different projects. As we were sharing, I realized something I had yet to have expressed, even to myself, regarding this magic period of time, in the meantime. I realized that when we say, IN THE MEANTIME, we speak of it as a throwaway time period. It seems to me that we speak of it in the same throwaway way as we might say, whatever, or but. We don’t count that time as having importance. It is almost as if it doesn’t exist. In the meantime is a transitional period of time in which the little pieces of life come together. If we really think about it, many parts of our days and weeks involve what we may term, in the meantime. I could say something like, I am writing a book, and in the meantime, I... Or we could say, I am getting ready for work, and in the meantime, I... Or we could say, I am getting ready to go to the store, or to cook something, and/or until I go, there is a period of time w