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The Power of Words

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Guatama Buddha I was speaking with some old friends recently and we got on the topic of words, and the power of words. Words are very powerful, and our choice of words means so much more than we often are aware of. Often times our word choice comes out unconsciously. Yet, when we really listen to them, which we often don't, what we said made much more sense than we consciously meant. And, as we look at the words we choose, they say so much about us now, about our past, and about what we are creating in the world.  One of the things we were talking about was what words spoke to us  this past New Year. The words that are important to me for this new year are: create, joy, prosperity, peace, and choice. As these words were taking shape for me I put them into a sentence: I choose to and am creating a life of joy, peace, and prosperity. In fact, what I would like the world to

Change and Our Bodies

"Progress is not possible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." -George Bernard Shaw This year is a year my plans involved focusing more on a book I am writing about relationships than I am on my blogs. Yet I find that life happens, no matter what we are planning, and there is a bigger plan if we let ourselves follow it instead of trying to control things. As I am making room for the book I am writing, things keep happening which prevent me from doing much writing. One of the things happening is that I am and have been in the process of selling my house and buying and moving into another house. This, as you know, is a lot of work, time and energy. In addition, every time I sit down to write on my tablet where I enjoy writing, I find something isn't working right and it won't let me save or share what I have written. When you write, you want to know that you can build on what you have written, so this has been a frustr

When To Let Go

"The only way we make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." -Alan Watts Life can be so much fun. There is such a richness of being with our feelings as opposed to trying not to feel our feelings. And in a shift of consciousness, it is actually more work intensive to try not to feel than it is to just feel. Much of our time, though, we do spend distancing us from our feelings, staying in our heads and our cerebral intellect, allowing anxiety to live within us, or even harboring feelings of guilt with which we can hide from our deeper feelings. There is a good reason for this. Our intellect, our reason, our anxiety, our guilt, our trying to stay busy all help to protect and defend us from feelings that are too much for us to be with. As the saying goes, life happens when we are busy planning.  With that said, as things get tough in life, as things look like they are falling apart, as houses flood, as forest fires destroy our ho