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Poem: Fall Promises πŸπŸ‚

Fall Promises It was an unusually warm fall. Summers’ days lingered quietly protesting Fall's progress. Trees stayed leafy green, with just a topping of Fall’s colors making a muted display. Only the birds knew it was fall. Where are the birds, are they silently tucked away for the coming winter? I sit patiently waiting for the bird’s morning calls as I stand on my back porch. I sit listening and watching for the bird’s calls by my morning window shrouded by trees. I watch as an occasional bird makes its more subdued presence known, flying by. Winter is coming, they are saying as they make their winter nests. Squirrels flit by, playing and mating and searching and digging and climbing. I look upwards and see a squirrel in his nest high upon a tree. Cooler breezes suddenly pop in bringing a refreshing change to the malingering heat. Fall’s promises are coming at last. The bird’s know what time it is; the birds know.

There Is A Season

Fall is fast approaching and with that comes much-needed relief from the heat of the summer as well as the anticipation of the beautiful fall colors permeating our natural world. Orange, red, yellow, and brown will soon color our lives with vibrancy. I think of crisp fall apples, bright orange pumpkins, cooler breezes, and yellow and red leaves waving in the wind. As long as I have been a practicing Chiropractic physician I have flown solo. There is a season for everything, and I have found a lovely young woman who will be working in my office. You might see her around. Her name is Dr. Nikki Nienhaus. She is sharing my office and building her own practice. At the same time she is available to see you in times where I am too busy to see you in a timely fashion, and of course, when I am on vacation, so as you might need more continued care, your care doesn’t have to be interrupted. She has her own unique style of working, knows a lot about nutrition and nutritional testing for