Astrology Class 1: Introduction

Please join me in an informal introduction to learning how to read your own astrology chart:

Where: Elements of Wellness, 1561 N. Warson, 63132

When: Saturday, July 7th from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Cost: $45 per person; Pay by check, cash, or credit card thru PayPal
RSVP: - 314-995-9755

There are 32 main characters that make up the language of astrology. These characters describe our inheritance from our ancestors including our DNA and also the dynamics at play within us and all the little parts of us. As we learn how to understand these planets, houses, and signs, we also learn ourselves a bit better, how our minds work, and to accept us as we are with all our beauty and our weaknesses.

Join me in a small informal class for this intimate introduction to the language of astrology and to begin to understand you and how your chart describes you. This is just a taste of what is to come. Later this fall we will introduce a series of 4 classes where we will delve deeper into this language and what it means for you and others.

My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about scattered thoughts:


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