Self Conscious

Self-conscious is being aware of one's self. How do we do the hard and necessary work of being aware of us and who we are and discern who we think we are and what we want to be from who we truly are? It begins with our self-talk. Listening to how we talk to ourselves and staying awake to us helps guide us to seeing and knowing who we are.

I had been working on a woman's astrological birth chart recently. In looking at her chart I saw a pattern which I interpreted a certain way. Our astrological charts can show us our basic nature, the nature of our early wounds, and ways with which we can work with our minds and our wounds to grow and be our potential in this world. Her birth chart looked like she had chosen a difficult life. Her mind was being pulled in many directions and looked like there had been a lot of strife and emotional abuse in her life.

When I actually met with her and worked with her, I quickly saw and felt and knew that she had been able to transcend the gnarly work of untangling the different pulls and directions in which her mind worked so that she was living who she is and her potential in this world.

We are all given different gifts and challenges in our lives. I have yet to meet anyone who has not had some struggles in life. It is how we work with the challenges that make the difference between being stuck and afraid and angry in life and doing the work of turning our challenges around so that we are able to live more in the present, without bringing our hurtful past into how we see and live our lives.

An example of this happened the other day. A couple came to see me struggling with how they would project something from their pasts onto each other. The wife would get triggered by an act by her husband which made her feel like she didn't matter and she would then over react, not knowing consciously what she was doing. All she knew was that she became inordinately angry. When her husband would do something which made her feel unrespected and which didn't meet what she needed at the time, she would feel like who she has had no value. We all feel this way sometimes. It was her reaction and the extent of her anger which showed her that this was, in fact, something far greater than not being listened to in the present because of her husband's needs at the time.

She was living in the past in her early mind, in the present day. Her self was not consciously aware of what she was doing. Her work and all of our work is to be able to become consciously aware of ourselves at the moment. In order to do this, we need to go back in time to address an early wound which affected and still affects us in the now. When we do this when someone doesn't seem to respond to our needs, as with this woman,  it is just someone not being able to respond to our present needs because of something going on with them. We are then able to be self-conscious in the best sense of the words. We then can act more as our true selves and see the other person for who they are. We can then live in a healthy, vital and wholeness which is our birthright.


When do you get self-conscious? What is going on in your life or in yourself that is triggering your hyper-awareness of self? Is it something you said, something someone else said, a look you received, a thought you had? Now take a moment and ask yourself how do you feel, or what thoughts begin circling in your mind? Follow that thread. Are you in the present or did they go to something in your past? Just notice. Now let it go.
If you get a chance, go to my website, and click on What's New and scroll down to the BodyPresencing Hologram and listen to the words and see if they help you.

My soothing words of wisdom for the week is about selfishness and taking care of yourself:


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