The Twelfth Body Presencing Key: The Power of Giving

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”
-Ben Carson

December is upon us. The days are darker and colder. Thanksgiving is past. This time of year can be a difficult one. We have spoken about the power of our dark and shadow sides, and as we bring that power with us, and all the resources of the 11 keys I have spoken of throughout the year, we are resourced as never before to enter the darkest time of the year.

We have spent an entire year exploring The Twelve Body Presencing Keys and how they unlock the secrets to wholeness, joy, and vitality.  The power of choice, acceptance, forgiveness, authenticity, joy, creative passion, sensuality, self nurturing, rest and fallowness, shadow work, and gratitude all combine to create a life of wholeness and possibility.  When embodied we become an overflowing chalice from which others can drink and we have more than enough from which to give freely to others.  The Power of Giving is our Twelfth Body Presencing Key.

Many of us struggle in some way with achieving the balance of giving and receiving.  Some of us tend to give too much; giving away parts of ourselves and more energy than we have.  Some of us tend to take too much because we are empty and long to be filled.

When there is such an imbalance it can show up in the body with pains or injury or dysfunction in the right or left side of the body. The right side holds the energy of our male side, of giving, or working, of reaching out. The left side holds the energy of our female side, of receiving, of taking in. Doing too much of either doesn’t feel good because it isn’t aligned and in balance as a whole.

When we are able to receive, to really accept others and accept help from others, and when we can accept life’s gifts and people’s love, we have more than enough to give back. In fact, we are able to give freely without any agenda or thought of return.

I have received so much from my clients over the years that my cup is truly full.  In return, this month I want to give you a free gift with no agenda or thought of return.  I call it my Giving Forward Friday which is on the first Friday of every month. It is a gift of a 30 minute session with me without any strings attached.  It is yours to decide how to use and you can even gift it away to someone you love.

Of course, Christmas and other seasonal holidays are ways in which we traditionally think of giving. In fact, December is often a very stressful month because we become full of shoulds; we should give to family, we should give to friends, we should give to co-workers, we should decorate our house, we should light the candles, and on and on the list goes.

All of these acts are centered on giving, but all the joy is taken away by the shoulds we carry in our thoughts and beliefs.  In the litany of shoulds and oughts we forget that we are giving because we have been given so much.  Our giving balances our receiving and brings balance to our lives which is one of the secret keys to wholeness, health and vitality.

Small Lifestyle Changes that Promote Big Results:

Take out a sheet of paper and pen and write down who, where, what and when you give; out of sheer love, with no agenda.

Next, write down who, where, what, and when you receive from; that feels good and in ways you can accept.

Next, write down who, what, where, and when you give because you feel you need to or should.

Put these three lists together and really look at them with open eyes and an open heart. Notice how much you really are able to give and to receive with no agenda, and how much of your giving and receiving is tied to an agenda.

Next, imagine how, when, where and who you can do it differently with. How can you give more freely; your time, your caring, your thoughts, your prayers, your actions, your gifts,etc?

Is there a place in yourself where you can also receive more freely?

And, lastly, but not least, is there a way you can give forward which has meaning to you?


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